365 - Day 43 - Valentine's Card

365 – Day 43 – Valentine’s Card

I’d had an idea in my head to try using a custom bokeh for a long time. Looked like a fun technique.
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I had an idea to make my wife a card using one of my photos.
Time conspired against me and I just didn’t get chance to prepare well in advance.
I bought all the stuff I needed on Friday morning with the intention of shooting it at work. Again, something cropped up and I couldn’t do it.
Cue Friday night. My wife went to bed and I stopped up to make the picture. It then hit me that I’d forgetten to buy a pack of Love Hearts which was my original idea. Completely out of time I had to improvise. I raided the kids playdoh box and made a red rose!
Set up the shot in the garage, using my filter holder to hold the black card with the hole cut out. Autofocus/focus confirmation didn’t work with the card over the lens, and focusing manually was pretty tough with the glare of the candles. Anyway, took about 2 hours of rearranging candles and adjusting focus to focus to get a shot I was happy with.
Uploaded the image to the printers at about 2 in the morning and picked it up next day. Just in the nick of time!
(The photo was technically taken on day 44, but as it very early hours I’m claiming it as day 43)

EXIF information
model Canon EOS 20D
fnumber f/1.4
DateTime 13. February 2010, 00:40
focalLength 50
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