365 - Day 74 - Can you point me in the direction of...

365 – Day 74 – Can you point me in the direction of…

My latest escapade saw my chopping shallots whilst making my wife a special Mother’s Day meal, and I sliced part of my nail and nail bed off in the process (I’ve never so much as nicked myself before and do usually have good knife skills). It wasn’t a massive slice at all, but I just couldn’t stop the bleeding. Cue 6 hours in hospital with pressure bandages and that still didn’t stop the bleeding! It was only when the doctor came to try a put a stitch through the nail bed to see if he could somehow tie the blood vessel off that it finally stopped. Another pressure bandage was quickly applied and so far so good.
Problem now is I keep getting ‘pointing’ jokes. :D

EXIF information
model Canon EOS 20D
fnumber f/2.0
DateTime 15. March 2010, 08:49
focalLength 50
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