365 - Day 82 - Rankins Dragon

365 – Day 82 – Rankins Dragon

Pip, my son’s Rankin’s Dragon.
We looked at a few suitable lizards in the reptile shop for my 9 year old – including a fantastic uromastyx which I may have to go back and buy!
This little guy was at the glass while his sisters lay on logs around him. He took to my son straight away, really friendly, inquisitive and calm. Missing the end of his tail (probably bitten off by a sibling).
He didn’t want to go back into the viv, and my son fell in love with him. We took him there and then.
He’s loving his new house, and has adjusted quickly. Eating well and if you open his viv he’ll jump straight on to your hand with no coaxing. Great little character!

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model Canon EOS 20D
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DateTime 23. March 2010, 12:56
focalLength 50
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