365 - Day 301 - Completed

365 – Day 301 – Completed

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  1. Hi Rob
    I really enjoy looking at your photos and am thinking of doing a similar thing myself next year. I only have a cheap digital camera Canon Powershot A480. Will I be able to take shots like yours with that camera?

    CarolineNovember 29th, 2010 at 19:00
  2. Hi Caroline,

    I’m really chuffed you like my photos! It’s very nice to have positive comments, thank you.

    There is no reason why you can’t get great shots with a cheap camera. In fact, an awful lot of photos on here with done with a mobile phone.
    A decent DSLR will make life easier in may ways, and the range of lenses you can get means that there are shots that an SLR can get that a compact can’t. But just because an SLR *can* get a better shot, doesn’t mean it *will* get a better shot. A camera is a tool and only a tool. It’s the person taking the shot that makes the difference.
    A good shot is a good shot, no matter what was used to take the photo.
    There is one thing an SLR can do that a compact can’t, and that is produce a very shallow depth of field. That’s where you only have a small amount of image in focus with everything else blurred. Without getting too technical, all lenses will have a depth of field (range of distances that are in focus and sharp). You can buy lenses for SLRs with very very small depth of field. Compacts though, because of the size of their sensors will not have a particularly small depth of field. That’s great for landscape shots where you want everything in focus, but not so great for portraits where you may want the background completely blurred. With a bit of lateral thinking and planning you can achieve something close though. For example, you use the zoom (optical, not digital) on your compact (if you have one) and stand further away will help reduce the apparent depth of field.

    I would say just start taking photos! I joined a 365 group on Flickr for this year. You can get inspiration from seeing other people’s photos, and you’ll find there is a lot of photographers taking brilliant photos with humble bits of kit.

    Also, a 365 is really tough. This is the first I’ve ever done (and it will be my last), I’m finding it a bit of a chore now – I’m glad I did it though, and I’ll see it to the end. I’ve learned a hell of lot about photography by forcing my self to take photos every day, but I’m looking forward to having a break and getting some energy back to concentrate on some bigger ideas that I don’t have the time for at the moment.

    Take some photos and get them on Flickr and post them to photography forums. There are loads of brilliant and helpful people on the net. Just ask for advice and critique.
    Look me up on flickr (robwhizz) and I’ll comment on your photos if you want. I’m just an amateur too. Still learning all the time, and I learn an awful lot from people on flickr.

    Good luck.

    adminDecember 11th, 2010 at 15:28

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